Welcome to the REAL WORLD, where artists drive the business. Our team of professionals are propelled by their passion, and together we share incredible music, best practices, stories and dreams.

Artists know their art better than anyone else; our goal is to allow them to lead the journey to their success. We offer guidance and support throughout, we assemble a team of carefully selected experts to provide the full spectrum of support. At Real World Artists Management we want to build long-term careers for our artists, giving them the freedom and the space to be creative without forfeiting their art or their dreams.

Faye Perkins, Founder/President

As a veteran of the music industry, Faye Perkins is one of the most respected professionals around. With a music degree  from The University of Western Ontario she began her career in a boutique artists’ management company, learning from the best of the best. She quickly moved to Sony Music where she enjoyed massive success, quickly rising to the ranks of Director, first of Epic Records where she worked hip-hop and rap albums well before they were cool. She then slid across the aisle to Sony Classical where she got noticed by the powers-that-be in New York.

Once in New York, Faye continued to shine and earned the title of VP, International Marketing, managing artists and staff around the globe. Earning more airmiles than she could ever spend in one lifetime, she was praised for her creativity, marketing savvy in and her ability to remain calm regardless of the chaos around her. She is admired for her direct and honest approach with artists, Faye will always tell it like it is, but with a sensitive and gentle touch.

From Yo-Yo Ma to Rage Against The Machine, from John Williams to Michael Jackson, her efforts are tireless, her passion is genuine and most of all her results are undeniable.


Paula Sinton, Communications 

Falling in love with music can only lead to one thing…a job that involves helping musicians realize their dreams. It was a bit of an accident that Paula Sinton fell in love with music while at Sony Music Canada, but it is no accident that she continues to work towards that goal. With a nose for business and more charm than can fit in one room, she brings a new perspective to the budding careers of talented musicians and treasures the opportunity to provide stability and security in an increasingly unpredictable world.

While working on the team of an obscure young singer from Quebec named Celine Dion, Paula learned from some of the most talented minds in the record industry. Being a valuable member of Dion’s label team whet Paula’s appetite even more. The unique opportunity to study that elusive path to success, combined with Paula’s clever mind and boundless passion translate into a powerful musical force.

The time is right for Paula to use her powers for the greater good, to tirelessly develop artists and create a world for them without financial fears. Paula is a welcome addition to the Real World team!